The Long Awaited Glossier Review: A Quick Review of Every Single Product in Alphabetical Order

Balm Dotcom
Makes a great chapstick or balm for any chapped, dry skin on your face or body. Disclaimer: this didn’t work for me because I have chronic chapped lips and most traditional lip products don’t work on my lips. However, the texture is nice and everyone I’ve ever talked to that has purchased it has ended up purchasing more than one. It’s addictive and people seem to really love it. Here’s what my cousin had to say about it: “Balm Dotcom is my favorite. I wear it all day, everyday. The Birthday one is my go-to flavor.” 

Body Hero Daily Oil Wash
Obsessed with this stuff. I use it as a body wash, obviously, and to shave my legs and it’s the silkiest, best smelling body wash ever. It makes my skin so soft and helps keep my dry skin smooth and calm. Plus it smells divine. 

Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream
A rich, creamy body lotion with subtle shimmer. It gives my legs and arms a natural glow. Nothing particularly special here but I do love the scent, it’s the same scent as the body wash and its so addictive. 

Probably the best brow product on the market, particularly for brow beginners. It takes 10 seconds to apply and is completely fool-proof. It fluffs, fills, and polishes brows into place. I always say this, but if you only try one Glossier product, try this. 

Cloud Paint
One of the best cream blushes on the market. It acts like a stain but don’t let that scare you. It’s subtle and buildable. Puff and Beam are light and foolproof. Dusk can double as a bronzer. And Haze is the perfect berry shade and a little goes a long way with this shade. 

Cotton Rounds
Seems silly but I actually love Glossier’s cotton rounds. They are inexpensive and really nice for applying Solution or toner. I use them everyday and prefer them to the drugstore cotton rounds because they don’t shed little bits of cotton on your face or soak up all the product.

Generation G Lipstick
The only shade I really like is Jam. It’s the perfect berry stain and it’s buildable, like most Glossier products, which means you can use a little or as much as you want depending on your mood. I tried a few of the other shades and didn’t love them. The red was just not a flattering red to me, and the other colors didn’t seem to show up on my lips. It’s definitely more of a subtle, sheer lipstick. It’s lipstick for people who don’t like lipstick. And the shade Jam is awesome and definitely worth a try. 

Glossier You Perfume *FAVORITE*
This is my signature scent. My ride or die. I love this stuff. Ironically, I hated it at first. It smelled too peppery. But then it grew on me and now I’m addicted. And it’s the only perfume I’ve had strangers compliment me on. I was not an everyday perfume girl before Glossier You but now I never leave the house without misting myself in it’s wondrous magic. My friend got a sample of this with one of her Glossier orders and after smelling it immediately texted me and asked if this was the scent that I wore because it smelled just like me. She just thought that’s how I smelled and was shocked it was actually perfume. 

Glossier You Perfume Solid
Didn’t love this. Felt like it wasn’t intense enough to be able to smell once it was on my skin. Hopefully they reformulate it because the packaging and design and idea is genius. 

Comes in three shades. Subtle, glowy, dewy hightlighters. I don’t use highlighter very often so I can’t comment too much on this but my sister loves this stuff and uses it all the time. 

Invisible Shield Sunscreen SPF 35
I have to confess I haven’t actually tried this yet but I have one coming in the mail. I’m excited to try it this summer when we’re out on the lake. It’s a clear gel facial sunscreen that’s made for everyday used and locks extra moisture into your skin. 

Lidstar *FAVORITE*
I am not an eyeshadow girl. It doesn’t usually look on me and I also suck at applying it. But then I met Lidstar and it completely changed my eyeshadow game. I’ve tried almost every shade and I have to say the ever popular rose gold shade Cub is by far my favorite. You can blend it or dab it or tap it on and it stays all day. It’s subtle and the perfect eyeshadow for eyeshadow novices like me. 

Lip Gloss
Haven’t tried this because I’m not a huge lip gloss person and I’m picky with lip products because of my chronic chapped lips problem. 

Mega Greens Galaxy Pack
This mask is a great starter mask for someone who’s never really masked before. It’s great for clarifying skin and keeping breakouts at bay. Nothing life changing but it will help with minor breakouts. 

Moisturizing Moon Mask
I have dry skin so I had high hopes for this mask but honestly it really didn’t do much for me. 

Milky Jelly Cleanser
Amazing makeup remover and gentle cleanser all in one. I apply it dry and then splash some water on my face and massage it in, then I apply another pump to my face when it’s wet and it gets all my makeup off without leaving my skin dry and tight. 

Perfecting Skin Tint
Everyone who tried this ends up loving it. What it isn’t: a full coverage foundation. What it is: a blurring, enhancing tinted filter for your skin. It’s your skin, but better. It’s a great for no makeup makeup days. It’s super lightweight and great for summer days when you’ve got a little bit of color. 

Priming Moisturizer Rich *FAVORITE*
This might be my favorite Glossier products. It’s definitely high on the list of my top 5. It works for every skin type, dry or oily or combination. It’s a miracle worker. It’s luxe and so incredibly moisturizing without being heavy and sticky. It’s the ultimate face cream and out of everything I’ve tried, which is a lot, it’s my favorite face moisturizer on the market. Here’s what some friends had to say about PM Rich: “I use PM Rich morning and night. Perfect for quenching my skin in the often harsh Midwest weather.” “I LOVE PM Rich. If I could bathe in it, I would.” 

Priming Moisturizer
Didn’t love this. Found it kind of sticky and tacky on my skin. If you’re in the market for a moisturizer, go for the rich version. 

Acts as an all-in-one facial exfoliant and toner. Great for someone who has never used a chemical exfoliant anymore. I’ve had people tell me it improved their skins appearance by diminishing acne scars and preventing breakouts. 

Soothing Face Mist
A delightful smelling rosewater face mist that’s great for refreshing skin throughout the say. 

Stretch Concealer
I really do love this concealer. It’s not going to cover a huge blemish completely but it’s great for brightening under the eyes or even using as a foundation by applying with a brush all over your face. It’s dewy and light and great for summer. 

Super Bounce
Out of all three serums this is my favorite. It’s the one I can actually tell a difference in my skin whenever I put it on. Great for making skin feel plump and smooth. 

Super Glow
I love the idea of this one and prefer to use it in combination after a face mask but honestly haven’t decided if it actually makes me glowy or not. 

Super Pure
I have friends who love this serum. I don’t use it often because my skin doesn’t typically break out too bad. Here’s what a friend of mine had to say, “Super Pure is my BFF. If there’s something to stop a breakout, it’s this stuff.” 

Love love love my Glossier sweatshirt. It is incredibly soft and cozy and I just ordered my second one because I wore my first one so much it was starting to look kind of sad. Both an XS and S fit me well. 

Wowder Brush
Great little brush for applying setting powder. It’s pretty and chic and comes with it’s own adorable mini Glossier pouch. 

This powder is great for setting makeup and comes in three shades. It’s nice but I felt like even the lightest shade looked a little dark on my skin, which is weird because I’m light/medium in skin tone so I know it would definitely be too dark for someone with fair or light skin. I think they are in the process of working on the shades for some products, including Wowder. Will be interested to try again once that happens. 

I hope that was helpful! Shop at my link for 20% off your first order (tip: use your boyfriend or husband or mom’s email if it’s not your first order) 


Anna Scott