Our Five Minute Secret For More Enjoyable Mornings


Apologies. To myself mostly. For failing on Day 3 of my 30 Day Blogging Commitment. But I didn’t fail, really. Because in the past I would have just been like, welp, I suck, moving onto the next thing. No more blogging for me. But I did the hard thing. I came back for Day 4. I know, I know. It’s incredible really how selfless and strong and very courageous I am for doing this. 


For day 4, I’m sharing with you our five minute secret that makes our mornings ten times more enjoyable. We call it “5 Minute Morning Prep” 

I came up with the idea and the title, naturally. Because that’s what I do in the marriage. I come up with the ideas and Reid decides if they are worth doing. Usually he just lets me talk and obsessively plan while he nods and smiles. Because he knows I’ll either tire of or forget about whatever crazy idea I’m going on about in a few days. He just has to humor me for a bit. He liked this one and it really is a good one. So we kept it. 

The idea is simple: every night right before heading upstairs to bed, we spend five minutes prepping and quieting the house for the next morning. Usually it involves preparing the coffee, picking up Remi’s toys, loading the dishwasher, and clearing off the kitchen table. It’s not anything revolutionary. It’s just picking up before bed, really. But the title makes it sound more enticing and now instead of just doing it sometimes, we do it every night. Incorporating this tiny little habit has made such a difference in my attitude in the mornings. I’m naturally a morning person, so generally I wake up really happy and hopeful and excited (thankfully Reid finds this adorable) But my hopes can quickly get dashed as I look around the room and find messes waiting to be cleaned. It’s really not a good recipe for the day to wake up and immediately start thinking about all the things you have to do. So for us this is a way to quiet the house a bit so the next morning is nice and calm and peaceful, the type of environment you want to curl up and sip coffee and read your bible in, not escape from because of all the clutter. The payoff for just a little bit of preparation the night before is so worth it to me. I absolutely love coming downstairs to the sound of coffee already brewing and seeing a cozy clean living room awaiting me. It’s like starting the day with a clean slate and it’s just five simple little minutes. It’s hard to say no to five minutes, even if you’re really tired or feeling lazy. You’re not going to get the entire house cleaned in 5 minutes, but that’s not the point. It’s just a little teeny tiny something you can do to make the next morning more enjoyable. And for us, this little habit is becoming as engrained as brushing our teeth before bed. 

I’m curious: is this something you already do? is this something you’d like to start doing to help your mornings go a little more smoothly?

Anna Scott