End Of The Year Decluttering Challenge


Back again for Day 2 out of 30 of my thirty day commitment. Truth be told, today might even be harder than yesterday. BUT, I'm here. And today I'm sharing a decluttering challenge my husband and I just started. It's the 2017 in 2017 challenge. And it's exactly what it sounds like; decluttering 2017 things in 2017. Now, we're getting a late start, but I'm not scared. I think we can definitely make this happen by the end of the year. 

You might be thinking 2017 is an insane number. But I think you'd be surprised at just how many items you actually own. You may also be thinking (I know many of my friends are already thinking this..) how do you guys even have 2017 things left in your home to get rid of!? Aren't you minimalists? And again, I'd say, you'd be surprised at just how many items can exist in the average American home, even a minimalist's home. My first challenge to any skeptics would be to have them count every single item in their living room and then come back to me. 

Now, back to the challenge. I know this number seems impossibly large and I know we're off to a late start with only two months left in the year. But here's my secret: little things add up. I'm talking about the makeup samples you never used, old bottles of nail polish, expired medication, extra plastic grocery bags, office supplies, magazines, expired food, junk mail, old coupons, old towels, any broken items that never got repaired, old t-shirts, pens that don't work, rubber bands, most of the stuff in your junk drawer, any just-in-case items, clothes that don't fit, old toys, old spices, extra flower vases, any duplicate items, unidentifiable cords, old phones or other pieces of technology, old documents that are no longer needed, pictures on your phone, old files on your computer (yes the items can be digital, highly recommend decluttering your digital space as well!) Anyway, I could go on. The point is, there are tons of little things stashed away in our homes that don't belong anymore.

P.S. For some of you, this number may not be a realistic goal. A college student for example that already lives in a very sparse dorm, maybe your number is closer to 500. There's no rules, just pick a number and stick with it. But also, on Christmas break, you could probably go home and declutter all your stuff that you left behind at your parents' house too. ;) 

If you'd like to join us in this challenge, head to Nourishing Minimalism to print off your own copy of the progress chart above. Reid and I actually turned it into a competition, we're using two different colored markers to fill in the spaces (he actually thinks he can beat me because apparently he's going to declutter some of his things in the garage..) but honestly I'm like, bring it on. Because I'm a DECLUTTERING QUEEN. ;)

If you decide to join us, keep us updated on your progress and leave a comment below or on Instagram letting us know you're doing it too! 

xo A

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